24 February 2019 — Debugging JLink'd Java Image

Recently I’ve been playing at pairing OSGi development with Java’s jlink mechanism. Small, fit for purpose applications seem to be the norm these days and since OSGi has all the qualities required to achieve this it seems natural to pursue this combination.

Progress was being made until I needed to debug an issue which only manifested after jlink.


05 October 2018 — Pure Annotation-Driven Bundle Development

This article desribes how to move to a purely annotation and code-driven model for building OSGi bundles. Under this model, the content of the bundle manifest is generated both from information inherent in the Java code — such as package-level dependencies — and from Java source annotations. No separate descriptor is needed, either as a separate file or as a configuration section in a Maven POM. This ensures that crucial information about the bundle stays close to where it arises: the Java code.


14 September 2018 — OSGi Release 7 Highlights Blog Series

A collection of blog posts, by various authors, about the new features and other improvements in OSGi Release 7.